TMJ post surgery

Hi Elijah, for legal reasons I have just been looking into TMD and can certainly understand your problems. In my literature research I found that ES can also lead to secondary disorders of the jaw joint. TMD only describes the symptom complex, but is not a diagnosis in itself. (At least that is how it is described here). If TMD symptoms are present, it is most likely that Myoarthropathy as secondary disorder from ES is the cause. Most therapists would probably look for occlusal causes. Such problems could of course also exist and in this case a dental splint would provide relief. Otherwise only exercises for Myoarthropathy are recommended, as well as physical therapy and massages to relax the chewing muscles. Meditative exercises and relaxation techniques are also said to help. Perhaps you can find helpful exercises on YouTube. I hope this helps you.

See also: ALSOGHIER, A. (2023) - Elongated styloid syndrome mimicking temporomandibular joint disorders: a case report and short literature review