Tooth pulled

I had a bad tooth got infected 90-% into the root canal dentist decided to pull it bottom right last molar in back. The dentist was not knowlagbul on eagles. I have the worst pain shooting into my ear now and neck and shoulders sore. Has this happen to any one what fo you do for comfort?

Sorry that you're in so much pain; I find when my neck and shoulder area gets particularly bad then warmth helps with that. It could be nerve pain if you're getting shooting pains, so that sort of medication which helps that may help (amitriptyline, neurotin etc.) but these can take a little while to build up and help. Maybe a muscle relaxant too for your neck and shoulder?

I know I get bad toothache, my teeth have been checked and are fine, it's nerve pain, a form of Trigeminal Neuralgia. That's quite a common pain with it. Hope that you feel better soon!