Update After ENT Doctor, Styloid Process Almost 4cm In Length Both Sides

Now I have seen the CT scans I forgot to ask if I could have a copy. While reviewing them, my doctor showed me that both of my styloid processes are almost 4 cm in length. He has referred me to a specialist in Milwaukee now for a consultation. I am still unsure of all of this because I only have throat pain and no other symptoms seem permanent but the ct scan was telling. Any way I can relieve the throat pain at home other than a heat source or ibuprofen?

Some members have found lidocaine patches on their nech help, or otherwise steroid/ lidocaine injections into the tonsil area can help- your ENT might be able to do that, although it is just a temporary solution, doesn’t help everyone, & can only be done a few times.
Surgery is the only permanent solution for ES, but not without risks, so might not be the right choice for everyone- it depends how bad your symptoms are & how much they affect your quality of life…
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Prior to diagnosis I was always sucking on cough drops and drank lots of hot tea with honey to soothe my throat. Like Jules said, surgery is the only permanent solution but it’s not for everyone.