Updated Dr list?

Just curious about this list…it’s over 2 years old now and as a newbie, it would be great to have it more current, I’m in Canada and there’s already so few Dr’s :pensive:

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Also, do Dr’s with eagles experience not consult with each other or refer to each other…or have conferences with one another? Surely there must be some network to tap into. For instance I see many talking about Dr Samji and are willing to travel a distance to see him…could he not refer to another Dr if the distance was too far for the patient?

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There is a 2019 list in the Doctors Info Section…but unfortunately still very few Canadian doctors doing the surgery that we know of! In fact fewer as one is not doing surgery any more, but concentrating on cancer surgery. We’ve changed the format of the list so that it can be easily updated as soon as we hear of any new doctors, rather than leave it every couple of years.
Sorry that it’s so difficult tofind anyone in your part of the world- a skull base surgeon/ Otolaryngologist is a good bet to try rather than an ENT as they’re experienced in surgery in the same area as the styloids.

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Thank you. I’ve been referred from one ENT in my town to another in city next door. My appointment is Oct 23. I’m not very optimistic.

Can you please explain if the list also includes other specialists that perform surgery OTHER than ENT 's?

Yes, the list includes any doctors we’ve been told about who’ve performed successful surgery, regardless of their specialism. I believe there is a FB group some members have joined & they’ve sometimes found doctors that way, but not on FB myself, so not sure if it’ll be of any help…

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I’m on that FB page but there really isn’t a list.
Sorry but I can’t see the updated list you’re referring to…I do see the US doctors but don’t see a list for outside US except for Germany.

It had got bogged down a long way down, I’ve bummped it up so hopefully should be by the top now!

Tanyag - Here’s the link for the doctors’ list you want:

Dr. Samji grew up in Canada (not sure where). You could email his med assistant & ask if he could offer a referral in Canada - lauren@caminoent.com