Use a cane?

Anybody out there with carotid impingement tried a cane for balance aid? I am trying one out because I’m terrified of fainting/falling again, which has happened three times over the past few years. I’m in line for surgery but it could be a few months, and the neurosurgeon advised that I am not allowed to drive anymore until after I’m recovered. The neurosurgeon confirmed my imaging shows impact of the right styloid on my carotid artery. I would appreciate any and all advice. I’m feeling quite sad about the decline, which is happening fast over the past 9 months.

Why the delay on surgery?

I kinda feel like an impacted carotid artery should move someone to the front of the line.

Because I’m in Canada… I love the health care here generally but given how rare this condition is here, there are not many surgeons who will do it. I’m on a list but it could be a little while… I am going to seek a preliminary consultation with Dr. Cognetti too, I think - but he has quite a wait list going right now.


I had bilateral jugular compression, so felt off balance alot of the time; I did feel uncomfortable driving & was getting to the point of thinking maybe I shouldn’t, luckily the surgery one side made a huge difference. I didn’t ever use a cane, but I think it’s a sensible idea although difficult to accept you need it…I hope it helps!
Hope too that you can get surgery sooner than you think :pray:


I think a cane is a good idea. It’s better to keep yourself safe, AS2005. I am sorry your symptoms are getting worse & agree wholeheartedly w/ @Duckie! It seems some conditions should be prioritized as more urgent to take care of than others especially those that could be life threatening!!!

I will be praying that your name will move to the top of either your Canadian doctor’s or Dr. Cognetti’s lists so you can get care ASAP! Make sure to mention that you have ES w/ carotid compression when you make your appt. w/ Dr. Cognetti as that may allow you to have an early consult date.

:hugs: :pray: