Vertigo Struggles

I’ve been struggling with Vertigo however, it wasn’t too bad. I was able to “fake” my way around it and not really react or struggle.
Now it’s been a bear and it comes with extreme fatigue and weakness.
I didn’t work a whole day last week and even went to Urgent Care on Friday.
They found a slight sinus infection and some Ogho Static Hypertension, besides Vertigo. I don’t believe that lil bit of infection has me down for the count! I’m taking my meds but what else helps since the Vertigo meds barely help? I’m hoping to work as long as I can before my surgery.

2006_03_Chhetri_Heterogeneity in the Presentation of Eagle’s Syndrome.pdf (197.2 KB)
Thought this was interesting from the doctor that i am going to have surgery with

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WE had some info from a member about exercises to help with vertigo- it’s in the ES Info section (alternative treatments) but here’s what he suggested:
'Member IamGroot-has tried ‘Vestibular Rehab’ exercises to help with dizziness if that’s a symptom you have- the exercises are designed to help the body adjust to postural changes. Here’s a link to some I found online, but always check with your own doctor before doing these exercises:

Thanks for sharing that- the more research papers published the better! And good to know you’re seeing someone experienced!

2006_03_Chhetri_Heterogeneity in the Presentation of Eagle’s Syndrome.pdf (197.2 KB)
Please share this

I also had horrible vertigo. I was shocked when my Dr told me to take aspirin two times a day. It actually helped. He also prescribed Nortryptylne

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Hmmm, that’s interesting! I’m wondering if it helps due to thinning the blood.