2nd surgery w/ Dr Cognetti last week

I had surgery for my left side October 18th with Dr Cognetti. (Right side done last march for those that don’t know.)I had a fairly rough week. There was definitely more pain this time. While some feeling has come back, the side of my face, head, and ear are still numb. I kind of wish it was completely numb still as I have had some pretty sharp shooting pains going from the base if my ear up to the temporal bone. (Didn’t have that last time.) and every time I start to eat something and my salivary gland activates on the left side it REALLY hurts!! No idea why, but I do not relish the beginning of any meal due to that feeling. But it does calm down and go away after a couple minutes. My jaw is also very stiff and sore this time. I find myself trying to pry it open farther since I can’t seem to open it that far on its own.

So today I think was my turning point. I actually felt almost good today. A feeling I have not really had since all this started. I am hoping a few more days and I might actually be ready to Do something! Like be active again!

My suggestion for anyone having surgery is take it very easy! I have not really rested with either one of these surgeries. I felt that I had to do tourist things since I don’t think I will get back to Philly any time soon. And I wanted to do stuff with my friends that live there. I definitely overdid it! Dr Cognetti said I could take ibuprofen 2 days post op and I think that helped tremendously with swelling. And lots of ice packs!! That has also been a lifesaver when it gets sore. I think most of the discomfort is from swelling.

Anyway, Dr Cognetti has once again made me very happy. He praised this group and said that we have all done an amazing job in our research. He sure seems a lot more convinced that eagle syndrome isn’t as rare as they thought and that surgery is definitely the only option!

Sorry I have not been around my mom has been having health problems lately and I finally found out she has had approximately 100 mini strokes according to her neurologist. So I hope that I will now feel more able to take care of what she needs.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting relief from their symptoms.

Wow, thanks for posting. Hope you feel better soon. Hope you get to feeling well enough to spend quality time helping your mom, and not feeling lousy ( in pain) yourself.

It's good to hear you feel like you are turning the corner. I am sure so many structures get annoyed during surgery and take time to settle down.

I am psyched that Dr. Cognetti knows of this group and is supportive of a patient being knowledgeable of their condition.

I hope your mom improves and you must be happy knowing you can help her now.

Take care!

Hi! I am so glad you are through your second styloidectomy. Did he take off a portion or the whole darn thing? I have now been to an ENT and a specialized oral surgeon. Both have been concerned that this surgery could cause issues for me with swallowing, muscle issues, and airway issues.

I know everyone is different, but I am curious, did Dr Congetti discuss any concern for these things, and have you had issues since your first, and now second surgery, with these areas? Any increases swallowing issues or tight airway/breathing near where you swallow? Any muscle issues? Your input will really help me. My images show compression of the jugulars and Eagles Syndrome, but have yet to find a Dr who is willing to do the styloidectomy. I am at a place of being willing, to do a side and see if the symptoms improve!

Thank you, and hoping your days are improving every day.

Eaglerosie (Sharon)

Dr Cognetti was able to remove both styloids almost all the way to the base of the temporal bone. My main complaint was a huge lump feeling in my throat. I felt like I had problems swallowing but not sure if that was just due to inflammation. None of those complications were discussed with me. Not to say they don’t exist, but I wasn’t aware if them. My first surgery resulted in immediate relief of some of the worst symptoms (stabbing pains, neck pain, total exhaustion, feeling my pulse pound in my head) the lump feeling has continued to get better but not gone away completely. Since my second surgery last week the stabbing pains are gone (except different post op shooting pains going from the bottom of my ear up to the temporal bone this time, but this is intermittent and it’s getting better every day.) I feel much better this weekend than I have in a year and a half since all this started.

Sharon, I would suggest you contact Dr Cognettis office. He will take a look at your. CTs and call you to discuss his opinion. It will take a little bit of time, but he really does call! The first phone call he made to me lasted about 30 minutes. He is one of the few sincerely compassionate, empathetic doctors that really wants to help.

I hope you get some help ASAP. I understand that feeling of having nowhere to turn. We are all here to help in any way we can.

Discouraged, I am so happy for you that you had your second styloidectomy with Dr. Cognetti and that you're feeling better now. I think you'll continue to feel better and better as time goes on.

I definitely know what you mean about not being able to resist a little tourism while in PA. The same happened to me, and I did regret it. At least I have photos of the Liberty Bell, and I've tried a famous Philly cheesesteak. :)

I had forgotten until you reminded me that I also had that pain on salivation thing. It was really weird and pretty annoying while it lasted. It's completely gone now. Same with the jaw pain because of the positioning during surgery.

Thanks for this post … I’m having pre surgery testing and see dr cognetti again tues nov 12 my surgery is nov 22. I have a few questions did he give you pain meds for home or antibiotics? Also I’m having part of hyoid bone removed so wondering if recovery time is longer w that?