4 month post op nerve pain?

I had surgery to remove my right styloid and ligament on March 16 (removed up to the skull per ENT). It took about 2 mos to recover from surgery, but then I was pain/symptom free for a little over a month. For the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing what I think is nerve pain on my right side anywhere from my incision site to above and below it. It seems to be worse when I am out in the GA heat, or get too active. I have some Lyrica that was tried on me before surgery and started that yesterday- but hate the sleepiness- not sure if it's working yet. Has anyone else experienced this? Feeling symptom free, and then back to pain? It is nowhere near the pain and stroke like symptoms that I had before surgery, but scares me to death!

It could just that you've done more than normal, because you're feeling better, and aggravated nerves which are still healing. I've had a few days where I've lifted a bit more than normal and felt twinges and pins and needles all around the site. Others on here have found that it can taken 6 months or even longer for nerves to heal fully. Glad that you've found improvements though, April!