A Few Questions- Potential Procedure - (Vago)glossopharyngeal neuralgia/ Anyone in Omaha?

mkalicet -

Here is a link to a post from May that compares Drs. Cognetti & Samji’s cash pay prices. Since that was from earlier this year, I imagine they’re still much the same. If you have insurance that would help pay the costs then of course, you’d be looking at less out of pocket.

It does sound like you’re seeing a good surgeon. If you feel confident in him, it’s probably worth it to let him do your surgery so you don’t have to travel. Dr. Samji is a laryngology cancer specialist as well as a skull- based surgeon. Seems like they go together. Not sure of Dr. Cognetti’s specialty.

I’m also glad to hear that the details of your health challenges are being sorted out, and so hoping that having your styloid(s) removed will diminish &/or completely resolve all your current symptoms. It’s great that you have support from your parents. Life becomes more challenging in the financial realm once you’re on your own.

I’ll keep prayin’.


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This is the sort of information I need as I have issues south of my neck. Thanks

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