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Hello fellow Eaglets!

I am a 47 yo female who was recently dx with Eagle's Syndrome. I had visited my primary care physician for headaches and mentioned a weird lump on my throat. He was concerned it was close to my thyroid, so he ordered a CT scan to be sure it wasn't anything concerning. The findings for the lump were a lymph node, but the results also came back with "excessive ossification of the stylohyoid ligaments bilaterally" which made my doctor very uncomfortable. It's such a rare diagnosis, he didn't really know what to say to me, which of course, made me freak out a bit.

I was seen this morning by a wonderful ENT, he said he's diagnosed about 40 people with Eagles, and not one has had the surgery. He started me on an NSAID for 30 days, and if that doesn't reduce the pain then we'll go from there. He did say he'd love to remove them, but when I told him my profession (Recruiter) he suggested we take it slowly.

I'm glad to have found this group, so much of the info out there is clinical vs anecdotal or designed for patients, so it can be confusing. I still want to understand the "why" of this, but like several other chronic conditions I have, I doubt I'll ever know that.

Thanks for your support and being so forthcoming with your stories. It really helps!

My best,


Charleston, SC

Hi, and glad that you find the site helpful. It can be a scary diagnosis, but your ENT sounds lovely and calm! Some people do live with it, but for others surgery is the best option. It would be great to know the 'why' as you say, but unfortunately not many of us do... Let us know how you get on with your treatment!