A visit to the ER today

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks again! Today it was so bad that I went to the ER. My neck has been so painful the past couple of months, as well as pain in the back/shoulders/chest (+ all the other symptoms). What scares me is that I get these sudden episodes/feelings of a lack of oxygen/not being able to catch my breath well. It has happened on and off the past couple of years. Today it happened in the car going home after taking my two girls to school. I suddenly felt that I couldn’t breath well, got really dizzy/thought I was going to pass out and got this “bad” feeling all over. I actually thought I was dying, that’s how bad it got. I realize it may not be a common symptom of ES, but has anybody experienced this???
I was treated well in the ER. My ECG was normal, as well as oxygen saturation and an x-ray of the chest that was taken. I mentioned ES, but of course they didn’t really think it was related to that. I’m not so sure, though. They probably thought it was another anxiety attack as they were asking whether I had been more stressed than normal lately etc. It’s so frustrating feeling this bad at times and not really being able to do anything about it, but to hope it will pass and not get any worse… I guess I just needed to vent a little!

I don't get dizzy very often but I get wheezy and have chest pain and tingling in my arm. It comes and goes for seemingly no reason. Docs never think it is related, but I agree it definitely has to be.

YES I HAD THIS! and ER is worthless in this case. Get the Styloids removed ASAP. Once i ad them removed I never again had this horrid feeling.

Can sympathise; I get heaviness in my chest, and like you say a 'bad' feeling, although mine's often when laying down at night. Also I get a weird feeling in my head like falling.... I don't know if it's an artery being compressed, or maybe the vagus nerve's being affected. You've got an appt. soon haven't you? I hope that you can get some answers/ surgery.

I had the exact thing. The ER thought I was a druggie looking for pain meds. The radiologist saw on the ct scan the long and calcified stylouds, but doc did nothing. Now I have neck pain, arm pain shoulder blade pain, ALL on the left side. My appt is April 8, in Manhattan ny. At least I know now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Hi,I have dizziness,lose my balance,nausea,terrific pain in my neck and ear.This is because the calcified bone is at an angle,pressing on the carotid artery and nerves.I dont turn my neck as I go to pass out,also on bending.I also have to make sure that I dont lay on that side in bed.I had both sides operated on 13 years ago,the left side has always been worse than the right even though they had both pushed into my throat.The same again now that they have grown back.I was taken to theatre 2 years ago but my ent surgeon would’nt proceed as it was too risky,due to the artery being involved.I then had breast cancer and the ES had to take a back seat.When I was having chemo the pain in my neck went completely! I am now at a critical state again.My ent spec’ has found a facial maxillla spec’ who is willing to help so I am seing them next week.I dont know if this has helped,try not to turn your neck,turn from your body if you can.I hope you get surgery soon


sorry you've got to go through it all again, especially with cancer to deal with too. Vascular ES is supposed to be even rarer, but reading everyone's stories on here, it seems way more common to have those symptoms too. Hope that your appt. goes well next week, praying for you.

I experienced that several times in the last three months.
I go out walk and after 30 mins. I fell very dizzy but not while driving. I went also to the ER, they just said its anxiety, I mentioned also ES got the same answers as you.
No one of the docs. that i met believed in vascular ES.

Thank you Jules, I know that it’s not going to be a miracle but hopefully take away some of the symptoms and the fear of what could happen if I dont have the surgery.My mantra is to find a positive from a negative :heart: