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----------Hi… I am Deagle, not diagnosed with ES. I have had a myriad of symptoms for the past three years, since that time my life has changed. I will be happy to share with you all, but for now I will start backwards with this past month: My dentist told me I had TMJ, (I did not discuss my medical concerns with her.) She referred me to an oral surgeon. I was not going to go, but I got to thinking maybe he could help me with my bigger concerns.) Upon arrival, they took a routine CBCT panoramic scan of my mouth. When he came into my exam room, he said he sees two “things” that are not supposed to be there, but he with over 30 years of oral surgical experience (and his partner) are not sure what they could be. He will be sending scans to a specialty lab. He wrote: rule out bilateral osteoma’s between condyles and mastoid process.
The lab came back with several findings-
According to the radiologist report:

  1. the circled area indicates: “Bilateral ossification of the external auditory canal, which is a rare entity, only a few reported cases in the literature.”

(After receiving report, I took the scan to an ENT, he was not interested and said there is nothing wrong with my external auditory canal.)

  1. “Intracranial carotid artery atherosclerosis”
  2. “Decreased oropharyngeal airway space”
  3. “Inflammatory osseous changes in upper cervical spine” (“expected in my demographic group”)
  4. “Flattening of both condyle, subchondral sclerosis and sub-chondral cyst within the left condyle.”

After that ENT appointment I started investigating ES. … I made an appointment with one of the Drs. I found off your list. Now waiting and hoping this is not another wild goose chase.

I know you are not drs :blush:, yet you guys have more experiences with ES than most…so looking at circled area of my CBCT SCAN and/or radiologist report, in your humble opinion, does this seem like it could be related to ES?

Quite often members have extra calcifications in other areas, but looking at your x-ray, I can’t see elongated styloids…there’s a tiny needle like area under the circle but can’t tell if that’s a bit of calcification or just an artefact…the images certainly don’t look normal! Hopefully others with more knowledge can comment!

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I would suggest getting the CBCT on disk and get a 2nd opinion from another ENT. One that has a higher level of expertise in complicated ear issues. A specialist in Neurotology, Otolaryngology. Don’t bother going to a general ENT as they often are dismissive.

What part of the country to you live in?