All possible and rare symptoms of eagle syndrome

Zdravka did you ever get the surgery?

Hello I’m new to forum, I’m sorry your in pain it’s not fun, you did mention foreign sensation in back of throat and tongue. could you describe your sensation and did you have painful swallowing. I know how you feel when they tell you it’s in your head it stinks. I hope your doing better. Thank you.

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Because you mentioned “splinter sensation” I am wondering if you have had a CT yet?

My Dr originally thought I had a fish bone, and then tonsil stones. I had neither = I had my Styloid pushing into my throat in front of my tonsil [yep still have them].

I hard sore throat, and then later much sorer [strep throat like pain] and cough when talking a lot [I am a teacher so almost daily] and choking on rough food [like toasted bread sandwich].

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Thank you so much for info. I’m very confused at this state but I guess my cat scan from last year didn’t show Eagles? But I know if there not looking for it they won’t find it. I see my neuro tomorrow but honestly depending on what she says I may go back to my Ent. The only thing they told me was that they thought I had glossopharyngeal Neurelgia and my MRI of brain looked fine. I’m not sure what to think anymore. Btw did you ever get any weird mouth sensations like in the back around the tonsils or way back on tongue? Just curious.

Tongue & throat irritation is common with ES. Those old styloids are quite the mischief makers in those areas in addition to ears, jaw, neck, shoulders, eyes, head…

The first symptom I had was glossopharyngeal neuralgia (with all the pain around my throat, mouth, and tongue) and it went away completely after my left styloid was taken down to about 2 cm.

Hope this is helpful Zdravka. I have had tooth pain since 2001, which feels like nerve pain (cavities) yet all teeth are fine. Never got a reason for this, but have to wonder if it is ES related. My ligaments are equally elongated R&L, however my severe pain is on the right side. I have definite diagnosis of ES and am awaiting search for surgeon to do extraoral surgery. I also have now had (past 1yr+) severe pain in mastoid bone area running down front of neck and connecting to the clavicle near the sternum. I do believe all of this is pinching nerves in side of neck and face.
Hope this helps you out a bit. :slight_smile:

Zdravka hasn’t been on the site for a long time- I don’t know if she ever got surgery or not.
The Trigeminal Nerve goes along the jaw, and can make individual teeth ache- I have the same pain in a couple of molars, but like you, there’s nothing wrong with them! I take amitriptyline, which helps quite a bit.

If you have a CD of your CT you can look at your last year’s image as a 3D picture to see if the Styloid ma were long. The information for how to do this is shared on a post on this site. One of the the members was nice enough to even give step by step how to make it directions - that’s how I made mine. I found it very helpful to see them for myself before meeting with surgeons.

I wish you luck with your next Dr apt