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For a year and a half my only symptom was severe debilitating head pressure 24/7. As it progressed I noticed bending foward or down felt like circulation was cut off from my neck up and my head and face would fill with pressure. That progressively got worse over the last couple of months. But now out of nowhere I have a choking/strangulation sensation constantly right in the front of my throat like on each side of my thyroid area. Anyone else experience this? My diagnosis is severe bilateral jugular vein compression due to the c1 being abnormally thick on each side pressing the veins up against the styloids

As it is a new symptom, wonder if a visit with an ENT would be beneficial (or not as has been often the case unfortunately) …to have a look at the thyroid and surrounding tissues (muscle spasms?).

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We have had members with very similar symptoms that did go away once the styloidectomies were done which suggests the sensations can be caused by irritated nerves rather than actual strangulation/choking. That said, I totally agree w/ @Leah that it would be a good idea to see your ENT or consult w/ your ES surgeon about the new symptoms.


Strangulating/ choking symptoms can be quite common with ES, and also with hyoid bone syndrome (if the hyoid bone processes are elongated), and also if the stylo-hyoid ligaments are calcified from the hyoid up, so maybe a good idea to get this looked into- when was your last scan? Maybe things have changed since then?