Any expert to look at my scans?

Hello everyone,

With the range of symptoms and one medical professional opinion given to me back in 2013, I would really appreciate another medical advice before I pursue more expensive scans, such as an MRI of the head and neck…

Styloid/s prolonged or simply normal?



And how do I upload an image of my CAT Scan?

There should be an upload icon appear when you post a discussion or reply to one; anything more technical than that I can’t help with I’m afraid!
We’re not medical experts on here, just people who’ve been through ES ourselves, we can only give a little idea as we’ve seen a few scans…but if you’re looking for an ES diagnosis, don’t worry about an MRI, as they don’t show the styloids well; MRIs show soft tissue better, so are good for ruling out other conditions.

Sorry, I forgot to say that there are expert doctors in the US who do phone consults & will look at your CTs- Dr Samji in CA for example, or Dr Cognetti in PA. Their details are in the Doctors list, & there have been details in past discussions about what info’s needed.

Dear Jules,

Upon trying to upload an image I constantly get this message:

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Hmm, not sure about that one, I’ll look into it for you…

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Any luck on uploading your image?

Does dr cognetti do phone consult?
Do you know about him? Is he good as samji?

Did you get any luck uploading your image?

Dr. Cognetti does do phone consults but you can expect your appt. to be scheduled out 2 or 3 months because he does not make ES a priority in his practice. He also leaves 1 inch of styloid in place during surgery as he feels it’s too risky to cut it back to the skull base. Some of our members who’ve had him do their surgeries have experienced styloid regrowth & others have had fantastic outcomes with symptoms nearly completely relieved. That said, Dr. Samji does not have a perfect track record either. No doctor can promise a perfect outcome. It’s what they hope for, of course, but they cannot predict how a person’s body will react to surgery or heal from it.


Thanks @Isaiah_40_31
I tried to reach dr cognetti office today, but couldn’t reach to any staff. I wanted to know if that have tele consult.
Yeah. I understand, every doctor and the procedure itself has it’s own risk and outcomes.
I was trying to see if any other eagles provider other than Samji do phone or tele consult.

Dr. Cognetti does do telephone consults. His office may be closed on Wednesdays. There are some doctors that take a day off during the week. I hope you left a message for a call back. Dr. Cognetti is inconsistent about working w/ calcified ligaments so it will be interesting to see what he says.

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Thanks @Isaiah_40_31.

Oh…i didn’t know that he is inconsistent with calcified ligaments. I do have calicified ligaments as per the ct scan results. I think I will stick to Samji consult then.

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That wasn’t meant to discourage you from talking to Dr. Cognetti, just wanted to warn you that he might not take the calcified ligament into consideration.