Anyone else have these symptoms.......?

Thanks for your comments. I am not sure what is going on with the walking. It is not dizziness. When I try to walk, the pain and stiffness causes me to have to sit down or lie down. I am seeing a pain specialist who has ordered a CT scan lumbar mylegram. In my reading of ES case studies, one patient’s initial symptom was having problems walking. Before I consent to spine surgery, I am going to make sure it is not ES related.

I hope you can get some answers about the walking…there’s no logical reason why ES should affect this unless as Isaiah says there’s a vascular issue or a vagus nerve issue, but people have had some weird symptoms, including pins & needles in their legs! And some members have had extreme fatigue & heaviness…

Thanks for your comments Jules. Most of my symptoms are typical. Just anxious for consult with Dr. Hackman now.