Anyone with simulator post-op experience?


I was wondering if anyone experienced similar post-op issues?

Immediately after external operation I had numbness on lower chin and was told this should go away within 3-12 months. Three weeks after the operation I started having additional numbness, mainly on cheek, but also on forehead and around eye. Additional symptoms started about 6 weeks ago. I suspect this is coming from the trigeminal nerve.

Did anyone experience similar post-op issues that late after operation and did these issues regress or progress?

I was very numb around the cheek & the ear (had a bit of that pre-op), which very gradually went, it didn’t worsen. It did take a year to go fully.
Are you able to go back to talk about this with your doctor, or see a Neuro?
Ben’s Friends also have a facial pain group which is really good for info- you can just read through the posts if you want, rather than join if you don’t want to join another group:

Thanks for the reply.

For me the operating doctor is very far away. I am seeing a local neurologist and doing some scans, but no results back yet.

Nerves do take awhile to heal and can cause some additional pain & numbness as healing progresses. As Jules said, nerve healing can take up to a year. It isn’t a bad idea, though, to be in touch w/ a doctor regarding the progression of numbness post op.

Dear Isaiah,

Thank you for your input. Yes, I hope it will improve also for me. My concern is mainly that these additional numbness in new areas showed up suddenly so many weeks after the operation. I am running some checks with neurologist now and hope for good news and that time will improve the symptoms.

I am also hoping & praying for complete healing of your nerves.