Austin, Tx looking for assistance

Hi. I am in the Austin Texas area (just moved here) and went to my new dentist today. They did circular X-rays and my dentist informed me that I had Eagle Syndrome.
I’m not sure where to start or who to see next? Can anyone recommend what kind of doctor I should see?
I have symptoms but have been diagnosed with TMJ and worked a stressful job for the last 15 years so I wrote them off as associated with job stress or TMJ caused or just things people deal with.

Thanks in advance!

Hi michell1209. The kind of doctor you need to see is an ENT (Ear, nose, throat). As I mentioned in my email to you, there is a list of doctors who have treated some of our members in the Doctors Information tab. It’s a good place to start.

Some people have had success with doctors who haven’t treated Eagles before, so you never know. You may get lucky with a local doctor. The first thing you can do is make some appointments with local ENTs and go talk to them and see what they say. Be prepared, just in case, for them to not know about Eagles or be skeptical about it, or even to dismiss you. But you have to just keep on going until you find one who can help you. There have been some people who’ve had success finding a skull-based surgeon because they have lots of experience doing surgery in that area. No matter who you go to, it’s pretty important to find someone with a lot of experience doing surgery in that area of the neck. There are lots of nerves, veins and arteries in there so it can be tricky.

One of the best things you can do is to learn about Eagles yourself. Read the information in the Newbies tab and try to read through past threads and posts. That way you’ll know what questions to ask and can more easily gauge whether you’re comfortable with what they’re saying about treatment.

Hi, and welcome to the site!
I’ll second what Heidemt said- there’s lots of resources on here, lots of info to read through in the Newbies section… there’s info in there about getting the right sort of scan, what treatments are available etc. The best thing is to get a referral to an ENT or other doc familiar with ES (as Heidemt says locally or through the doctors list), and read up as much as you can before your apt so you’re prepared with questions, and know enough about ES not to be fobbed off if you’re unlucky enough to see a doc who’s not a ‘believer’!
BTW I was diagnosed through a hospital dental clinic with panoramic x-ray like you, but was lucky enough to get a referral to an experienced skull-base/ otalaryngology surgeon for my surgery.
Hope that you get on okay!

Thank you. I have been skimming posts since I got home from the dentist.