Been waiting for Surgery Date!

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have just been so Miserable! I’ve been seeing Dr. Forrest at OSU’s Wexner Voice & Swallowing Clinic. My Styloids are bilaterally grown on both sides meeting at my Hyoid bone. That’s from my last CT scan from May 2012. I’ve been continuing with Acupuncture, Craniosacral, & therapeutic Massage. Since then I’ve had a Spinal Fusion in June of 2013 from C-4 through C-7, anterior approach. I’m having terrible earaches & tinnitus! Also a constant hissing, (Semicircular Canal Dehiscence?).

Dr. Forrest considered moving to the Cleveland Clinic. Then decided to stay in Columbus. Then he decided to bring an Ear Surgeon to scrub in on my case? Dr. Dodson. He will take the top portion of the styloid near the ear and Dr. Forrest will take the bottom. Still waiting for that OR Date!!! I’ve been off NSAIDS as they cause problems with platelets and the clotting of blood. The only thing I have for pain is Tylenol #3. Very little relief with pain I’m in! I don’t want to be a pest but I also look forward to surgery hoping for some RELIEF!! Headaches are unbearable!! My shoulder muscles are in a constant state of stress & never relaxes! I’m having trouble chewing & swallowing. My whole Face hurts? My lower palate under my tongue is so tender which when touched I can feel pain in the back of my tongue. So many Symptoms!!

I just want to be fixed and pray for relief! I also pray for a date for Surgery! I’m hoping for some Relief!! To all my fellow Friends & all who suffer with this horrible Syndrome I wish you relief and to hang in there? I know how difficult that is to wait while you are in so much pain! I rarely leave the house. I hardly get any sleep. I’m nauseated all the time from living in ACUTE PAIN 24/7! Eating is a chore anyway! I mostly just have soup and soft foods that don’t require too much chewing! I’m just so tired of living like this for over 20+ years!!! I’ve had ENOUGH!! So there is my update!

I know how it feels.

It looks like you will get your surgery date soon. Dr Forrest practice the internal or external way? I have hear very good comments of him on this page. I think you are in good hands.

Please keep us informed on any advance.

Wish you luck


I'm hoping your OR date comes speedily, and that you get the relief you have been waiting for for so long, Crystal. All the best to you!

Dr Dodson is AMAZING! He is the best in the country!!! I had ear surgery with him in 2000, before I had problems with eagles.

Well thanks for the encouragement! I did get a date for Surgery on November 14th. Unfortunately they were unable to get a time when both Doctors could share an OR time. So, Dr. Forrest decided to do the surgery himself. He realalized I was in too much pain to continue to wait for some Magical date when they both could find a time they were both free. I guess now I need to believe in Dr. Forrest and stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong and hope for that Miracle and relief! I was surprised to find out it’s out-patient surgery. I will be an out of town patient so I’m a little concerned about leaving for home after surgery? I guess we will decide on the return trip on how I feel? I will try an post as soon as I feel like posting after surgery. I’m having the ® side done first as it seems to be the most symptomatic. Although Dr.Forrest said the (L) side looks worse. I shall count the days and pray for some relief after the initial post-op pain decreases. As my Styloids both meet at the Hyoid I hope there will not be any problems? Thanks as always for your Empathy and Support! We all are AMAZING PEOPLE living with unbearable pain and Red Tape at the mercy of this Health Care Industry! Each one of us are HEROS along with our Significant others!

Dr Forrest did my surgery; you are in good hands!

Crystal: Praying that you were able to have your surgery and it successful! I live in Grand Rapids MI area and I assume that you did not find anyone in Michigan that would do the surgery. I am in the process of making some calls and was pretty disappointed in U of M’s response after I got referred there. I hope you are doings well!