C1 resections - Surgeons in US and Canada?

Hello, new here. Is there a list of specialists doing C1 resections in the US and Canada , or elsewhere in the world? Is it possible that compression from C1 process may be the cause of internal jugular vein compression? Thank you

Hi @Reemz!

Welcome to our forum. In the US the two “go to” doctors for IJV decompression are Dr. Hepworth in Denver, CO, and Dr. Costantino in White Plains, NY who works in tandem with a neurosurgeon who does a C-1 shave if necessary. Dr. Timothy in London also does C-1 shaves. I don’t think there is any doctor doing C-1 shaves in Canada.

IJV compression is often caused by the IJV being squashed between the styloid process and the transverse process of C-1 though that is not the only possible cause. Other things such as nerve, muscle & scar tissue can also compress or contribute to IJV compression. The soft tissues involved are usually not visible until surgery is being performed, though the compression itself does show up on MRA/Vs or CTA/Vs which can also show the role the styloid & C-1 may be playing.

•Dr. Edward Hepworth, IMMUNOe, 3150 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 224-4711 https://www.centura.org/provider-search/edward-hepworth-md

•Dr Peter Costantino, 4 Westchester Park Dr, 4th floor, White Plains, (914) 517-8056

•Mr. Jake Timothy, neurosurgeon, Leeds, Mr Jake Timothy, Neurosurgeon in Leeds | Nuffield Health - (Mr. Timothy does C-1 transverse process shave for VOO caused by IJV compression & did a styloidectomy for our member, PatientD)

I don’t think that Dr Hepworth is the “go to” doctor for the C1 shave.
I have heard of only one case he did it. While him being an excellent doctor from all the possible angles, I don’t think we should call him “go to” for C1 shave until we know it’s a regular thing he does.

I think he’s done more than one but you’re right, @vdm, he prefers other methods of dealing w/ C-1 if it’s the major cause of IJV compression.