Can I ask how old you are?

Hello there! When I started having symptoms of Eagles I was in my 20's. My Dr said that it was rare for it to happen at such a young age. When did you start having symptoms and how long have you suffered?


I'm 56. This just started in December with what was thought to be an ear infection.

I was about 55 and the dr said all my symptoms were due to menopause! I had the surgery in 2012 after diagnosing myself. I was 61. Three ENT's and two primary physicians didn't know what was wrong with me. My second primary physician said "Something is wrong with you" but didn't know what. That's when I got on the internet and started searching on my symptoms.

We have a few in their 20's and a young boy. I am 63 and was diagnosed at 59, had surgery at 61.

My son is 12 and I believe he is the youngest person ever to have had a successful styloidectomy. He has suffered for over 5 years. His started about a year after he had his adenoids removed. We believe the bone calcified from that surgery. I will tell you that NO DOCTOR told me he had/has Eagles syndrome. I learned on my own after being told many horrible things. I was also told he was too young. However, I read about a 15 year old and a 16 year old who had successful styloidectomies and their pain started younger. I believe that study was from Chigaco and is posted on this site somewhere. I will make sure my son's case is documented and that the world knows that it can happen at any time. You do NOT need to listen to everything every doctor tells you.

Amen to that, Ear Mom!
I started having difficulties swallowing in my 30’s…had surgery last year at 57 after a new dentist saw it right away on an X-ray and sent me to an ENT.

I was 27 when I first began having symptoms on right side. 35yo when the same pain began on the left side. The cause is believed to be due to a severe head trauma I had when I was 14 when my head was thrown back-and the styloids were broken. Or a car accident in '88 or '89.

I am 41. I just had my surgery in July. Apparently it was seen in an xray two and a half years ago but the doctors never mentioned it to me. I was having symptoms but no one knew what was going on and the doctors thought I was crazy.My symptoms worsened after having three car accidents within a six month period. I ordered all of my hospital records from the last few years and found the "Eagles" as I was going through them. When I read up on Eagles' the answer to all i was going through was right there.


I’ve had some of the symptoms for many years, I’m 60 and just diagnosed.

Hi Sela,

I recently had my 1st Eagles surgery(I have it on both sides), and after surgery, I knew for sure that I have been suffering for at minimum 18 years. I think the symptoms started even earlier, but for sure this has been the bane of my existence since I was in 8th grade.


Wow, some of you suffered quite a long time. Isn’t it crazy how doctors aren’t really educated on ES!? It seems alot of us, like myself, found answers all by ourselves. ES was always so hard for me to explain to all the many Doctors that I met. So many different ages too! Good news everyone…it can be fixed!! Thank God we don’t have to suffer forever!

In my teens, I had injuries and dental issues from young childhood. I think the combination of everything progressively made everything worsen.

I am late 60's

20 when it started 34 now