Can someone share any thoughts

Hi there,
I am almost 7 months post-op bilateral intra oral surgery. I am still experiencing burning sensation in throat, tongue and my taste still go from sour/sweet to burn.(didn’t have this problem prior to surgery) My last appointment doc said maybe reflux and prescribed meds - but that didn’t work. I do feel my calcified ligament poking in my throat. Doc does not want to touch that and said it wouldn’t help. I maybe could live with the poking if the burning was gone. I will be traveling to philly this month and did schedule a second opinion. Has anyone had this problem after the surgery.
My tinnitus has gotten worse, but it doesn’t hurt so i will live with that.
When I go to Philly I will only have the scans that were taken prior to surgery in July.
thank you

Some surgeons remove both the elongated styloid(s) & the ligament(s) during surgery even if the ligament(s) aren’t calcified just as a security measure to help prevent a future problem. I’m surprised your surgeon left a calcified ligament in place as one of the definitions of ES is a calcified stylohyoid ligament. A calcified s-h ligament in the absence of an elongated styloid can cause very similar symptoms to an elongated styloid. Often ES patients have both elongated styloid(s) & at least some ligament calcification but one or the other (extended styloid or calcified ligament) alone is also ES. I would wager the symptoms you still have are because of the calcified ligament. I suspect you would have far less symtpoms if it was removed. Must make the usual disclaimer though - I’m not a doctor so this is just my opinion.

Glad you’re going to a well known ES doctor for your second opinion. I’m sure a new CT scan will be ordered if necessary.

I agree with what Isaiah says… I’ll just add that maybe the burning mouth sensation could be from irritated nerves- there is such a thing as ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’, I know a couple of members have had this although before surgery. If you google it you can get more info- nerve pain medications can sometimes help, and also some people have found that rinsing your mouth regularly with bicarbonate of soda in water can also help. (I’m sorry, I can’t remember the amount of bicarb to add into water, but I’m sure you can find advice online). I don’t know if you’ve found anything you eat & drink makes it worse- it might be an idea to keep a journal to see that if you’ve not already.
Thinking of you… :hugs: