Carotid Artery Eagles

I have just read a bunch of stuff and I have all the symptoms of the Carotid Artery version of Eagles. My scariest problem is the aphasia that occurs. It is starting to occur throughout the day at different times and when the ENT pressed that spot it flared up. I feel better with my head turned to the left. Turning the head to the right brings on symptoms of aphasia. I am seeing Taylor at UM in two weeks but now thinking I actually need a neuro or vascular surgeon. I am also not sure if it is ok to wait that long but I have been to the ER here in my small town three times and they basically told me to see a specialist ASAP but they did not really know which one. No CT angiogram was ever done. Anyone have any ideas of what to do? Should I go to the UM ER or just wait for my appointment?

I had vascular eagles on my right side and I really thought I was dying. I went to the Cleveland Clinic because one of the doctors there listed eagles as one of the conditions he treated. They didnt believe there was such a thing as vascular eagles and put me through weeks of tests to try to find other causes for my symptoms, but all the tests they ran came out normal. I didn't go away and that first doctor eventually referred me to one of his ENT partners. After I pleaded with him, he operated on me. He told me after the surgery that my styloid had been compressing the carotid artery and the jugular vein. I felt completely better after the surgery. He was an ENT, and just removed a part of my styloid. I didnt need a neuro or vascular surgeon. They never did an angiogram on me. So I think you're likely to just need the styloid removed. In my opinion, your best bet is to wait for the appt in two weeks and hopefully convince them to take out the styloid. I hope that works out - best wishes for you.

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I also went to an ENT. He said my right carotid artery was so compressed he was surprised it hadn't popped. He remove both my styloids and cut something so they can't grow back again. It had been painful to talk and swallow before my styloidectomy. I'm not sure where you are located but my doctor was:

Dr. Bradley Simmons

360 Parrish St, Canandaigua, NY 14424

(585) ■■■■■■■■

I felt better immediately and just felt better and better everyday afterwards. I no longer have any of the symptoms and I had a long list before surgery.

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Bless you both for answering me. I am so scared. I have a boy who has had his own health problems and really needs me. His dad died when he was 7 and I have been tending to his health problems for ten years now. He is in good shape right now and I guess that is why I started researching my own problems. I have every symptom of both classical and vascular Eagle syndrome that I have read here and elsewhere. I have not read of one symptom that I do not have.

My symptoms have been escalating since January but I started having symptoms of vertigo.and ear fullness thirty years ago. Written out, diagnoses I have been given over the years cover one full page. For the last 15 years, I have never been completely well and unable to work full time. The 3D scan showed the styloid on the affected side is 3.2 which apparently is too long but not as long as most people I see here. I have lots of the carotid symptoms which is flipping me out. When I lift my arms my right face and arm start to go numb. Then my shoulder hurts.

Thanks so much for the surgeon's name. I am in MD and seeing Dr. Guardiani next Friday but will take your guy's name down as that is not too far for me to go if they can't help me at University of MD.

I had bilateral styloidectomy. I had many vascular symptoms, pain, pain, pain!! The surgery helped and have no regrets. I still have swelling going down. I still have flare ups but nothing like before. Now, Ice and rest calms it down. I have ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3, do any of you guys been diagnosed or suspect Ehlers?