Carotid worries

Will ES show when testing carotid arteries for blockage? Or does it depend on the test?


No, it won't show up on that test. You will need CT Scan to show the ES on your carotid. This is what my ENT ordered. I'm having constant ear aches, neck pain and headaches. What are your symptoms?

Do you need a ct with contrast or without contrast to show the ES on your carotids

When my carotid artery and jugular vein were both being pressed by my styloid, the doctor didn't know it until he went in to do the surgery. I had a CT scan with contrast and apparently he couldn't tell from that.

I’ve had the following issues going on: dizzy, zoning out (different from sleepiness, hard to explain)enunciation problems(sometimes my mouth and tongue will not work)I drop things all the time, no grip, leg also gives out ( not bad enough to fall) swollen glands, very tender from under earlobe to under chin, hyoid bone or whatever goes out of place and feels like bone poking me under side of chin behind glands, fullness in ears, ringing in ears, cracking in ears, can hear whishing in ears, pain down neck, shoulder, arm, dry eyes, trouble swallowing food(seems like I can’t control when I swallow)

My mother had her carotid arteries stripped and I wonder if carotid issues can cause the dizzy and zoning out symptoms. My styloids are not very long and they are straight so shouldn’t be an issue I guess.

I started my search for answers after a few years of that bone going out of place. That is extremely painful. I know how to push it back in place now so at least I can shorten the episode. I found some people online that describe the exact same thing and call it calcified hyoid bone.