CCI/AAI and Eagle and.. lost

Thank you. Unfortunately, I’m just one of many that has to navigate such a screwed up medical system when you have a complex condition. Half the battle is dealing with these Drs and the insurance companies….!!!


+1 - Finally diagnosed with AAI this month after 8 years of symptoms (likely from bike accident 15 years ago)…and it ALL got worse after 2 rounds of covid (suspected additional connective tissue damge) and finding I had a disc bulge at C6-7. It’s all connected, most doctors don’t see it :see_no_evil:

In my case I think trauma + virus induced cervical ligament damage → overcompensation by the body due to instability (styloid growth, muscle tightness, ossified arcuate foramen in my case and possible spinal cord adhesion) → worse posture → more symptoms

I’m glad you’ve finally gotten a diagnosis that makes sense to you after so long. Good job putting the pieces together, @domino! What you’ve said makes sense. We have noted on here repeatedly that poor posture is a sure-fire cause of symptoms increase w/ ES & gentle exercises to help restore proper posture have been quite helpful for many of our members. @vdm has put together a couple of threads with good information about things that have helped him. Below is a link to one of them.