CCI Get Worse With Styloid Removal?

2 guard types told best tmj - Tanner splint or Michigan splint but need expert to make them. D

@PatientD & @pauld1635 - I have a splint for my lower teeth. I tried an upper splint when I was in college. I found I wrestled w/ it in my mouth all night, & it intensified my jaw pain. I’ve had the lower splint for many years now. It’s sooo much better! My dentist made a cast of my teeth (now a scan), but I don’t know which lab received it to make the splint/night guard. It was expensive ($600-800). My first one lasted about 10 yrs so that made the price seem more reasonable. I’ve had my second one for several years, & it’s still holding up well. Since my ES surgeries, my jaw pain has gone away though my right TM joint is quite noisy when I chew. I’ll take noise over pain any day.

Yes, it has caused a set back in my recovery from CCI for which i have been receiving PRP.

I’m sorry to know that your styloidectomy wasn’t to your benefit, @Laurah. I wish there was some indicator of whether it would be helpful or not for people who have CCI.

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