Cognetti knowledgeable about cci?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to read up more on eagle’s to prepare for my upcoming appointment. The more I read about cci and ES, the more scared I am. I might have cci, one doc thinks scans show I do and other doesn’t think so. I improved with invasive traction but not enough to qualify me for fusion surgery. So I’m scared if I get a styloidectomy or some other ES surgical intervention my possible cci will get worse. I guess I have 2 questions:

  1. are doctors Cognetti and/or Hackman knowledgeable about cci?

  2. do they ever just remove part of or like uncalcify the stylohyoid tendon? I reread some doctor notes and saw the neurosurgeon said my jugular is being compressed by my c1 vertebrae and calcified stylohyoid ligament.


Dr. Henderson in Washington, DC, is one of the foremost CCI doctors in this country. As I understand it, he believes that styloidectomies do NOT increase CCI. I’m sure there are differing opinions among medical professionals & also differing experiences among those who have CCI & have had styloidectomies.

Since you have IJV compression, you would be better off seeing Dr. Hackman since he cuts the styloid shorter than Dr. Cognetti, but you could have a consult w/ Dr. Cognetti & ask him if he’s familiar w/ CCI & what he does w/ IJV compression. He’s helped quite a number of our members who had IJV compression. I don’t know that anyone has commented regarding his knowledge or lack thereof of CCI. Dr. Costantino in NY specifically does IJV decompression surgery. He would probably be the best doctor for you to see though I have no idea what his thoughts are about CCI.

•Dr Peter Costantino, Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan 212- 262- 2929,FACS
•Dr. Larry Lo, 850 Northern Bl, Floor 1, Great Neck, NY, (516) 773-7737, Operates w/ Dr. Costantino. DOES C-1 SHAVE for IJV compression.


Thanks! Dr Henderson is the one who told me I had a compressed jugular. I was seeing him a second opinion on my cci. I don’t have issues with him as a doctor, but I was hoping to not have to go back to see him again since he’s expensive and we’ve had to pay a lot of doctors out of pocket.

Hi Bailey,

Since you’ve seen Dr. Henderson, & I don’t believe he does styloidectomies or vascular decompressions, you’d have no reason to see him again unless you’re going to have a cranio-cervical fusion. Dr. Costantino should be your next stop on the journey of getting your IJV decompressed. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was surprised he does do the Eagle’s syndrome surgery, at least it seemed implied during my last appointment. I was surprised since my other cci neurosurgeon does them and I figured they all had the same skill set :sob:. I guess that was very naive on my part. I was hoping to avoid NY since my dad is still traumatized from having taken me there for the invasive traction. Apparently NY on ramps are very short.