Cervical Instability worse after second surgery

Pro’s after surgery on the left side is that my brain fog is better and I have been a bit more active and less anxious. But the biggest con’s are my pain is worse and the cracking has gotten worse. I am not sure in all honesty though if the surgeries have really affected the instability, I just know that I continue to progress downwards physically even though I am better mentally. However, it is only 1 month out and typically you should wait 3 months before deciding anything. I am also going to start focusing intensely on physical therapy so I can try and correct some of my Cervical Instability.

BUT to be clear I am extremely happy that the brain fog is better, I can actually read again now.


It’s good news that your brain is feeling better. I always view brain as central processor of our bodies,without that nothing else can work well. Hoping your physical health difficulties will improve soon. D


@hyperichard - three months is still on the early side to make a hard call on how effective surgery was. I’d say 6-9 mos is a more realistic timeframe for realizing the extent of nerve/vascular recovery.

Take it easy w/ the PT as your incision & soft tissues are still healing. Some members who jumped into intense PT at 1 mo post op caused more injury than good. I would start PT very gradually & work up the intensity over time.


Very pleased for you that the brain fog is improved…I do agree with @Isaiah_40_31 though that it sounds a little early to be doing PT, take care :hugs:

You could do a trial of wearing your Aspen collar. I know they stink but it is one way you can try to isolate what is causing what, could be helpful information.