Changing symptoms

I’ve had what I believe are Eagles symptoms for about 9 years now. Initially, I had a lot of throat pain and burning. That has eased these last couple of years and has been replaced with more swallowing difficulty and pressure/fullness in my throat and ears. I still have throat and neck pain, but it’s less than before. Do you think that could be because of how the styloids have grown, now pushing up on different structures and causing different symptoms?

I’d say that’s pretty likely, yes, otherwise sometimes as people age the connective tissue gets a bit weaker and it shifts the styloids enough to change what nerves they come into contact with. Often people find symptoms come and go with no known reason, or change with time. I had nerve pain to start with, but later developed vascular symptoms- I had a prolapsed disc in my neck & presume that shifted things in my neck enough to cause jugular compression.

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Have you been able to get a CT scan to look at your styloids & stylohyoid ligaments to see what’s going on there? It would be so helpful for you if you could get a scan to provide you w/ an answer re: ES.

Not yet. I’ll see my ent in a month and ask for one. I guess I’m mentally trying to build confidence that eagles is a possibility because I know he’ll be less than enthusiastic about it. I just need to hold tight until I get the ct, I suppose.


If you haven’t done so, read through the articles in the Patient Self Advocacy category. They may be very helpful in directing you how to get what you need/want from your appt. Please let us know how things go w/ the ENT. I’ll pray that (s)he is helpful & willing to refer you for that.