Chronic Pain & Message of Support

I tried to get this to work via Instagram but since I don’t have an account, it just kept coming up as a general link. Facebook link works even if you don’t have an account. I came across these messages that resonate strongly with me. Many reasons why this support site and support groups are so important. Other people understand your plight and don’t dismiss how you’re feeling. :heart:

This guy can also be found on Instagram under how.u.feeling if you have an account there.


Siren, Thanks so much for this! What an AWESOME site! I love the message on the board he’s holding. I took a quick look at the FB site. Will spend more time there later. This guy is onto something much needed in our societies - merciful understanding of the situation for those who struggle in life because of chronic pain & emphasizing the need for patience & love to help support them. :heart:

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