Chronological Progression of an Enlarged Styloid Process - Daisuke Maki et al

Some evidence that styloid process/calcifications may grow over time


That’s one nasty styloid! A really interesting article thanks…

I’ve seen the image of that styloid before and must say I’m surprised the patient’s symptoms were totally eradicated when what looks like a significant portion of styloid was left - mostly due to the styloid’s thickness. I guess this patient has a roomy neck area so nerves & vascular tissues aren’t being impinged upon by the remaining styloid. :face_with_monocle:

Hard to say… I’d guess a lot depends on how mobile the soft tissues in the neck are. If the muscles get spasmed, then it’s a problem, otherwise probably those tusks just happily wiggle together with the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other stuff, and slide and glide among them without really impinging anything…

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