Confused with symptoms

Just a question. Have you seen any case of ES with one sided tinnitus and gastroparesis?

I believe my symptoms come from misalignment of atlas and the ES itself.

The atlas adjustment seems to have taken away my brain fog, insomnia, and reduced my anxiety. But there is still the missing link. After adjusting atlas i feel much better but i still have tinnitus, gastroparesis and neck tension.

Now i my confusion is this; will all of these symptoms go away over time as my whole spine heals after the atlas correction, or are they just likely lingering due to my elongated styloid.

PS: It should be noted that my throat and ear pain is relieved now

That’s great that the C1 adjustment has helped you! I think it’s hard to say whether your symptoms might improve further with your C1 correction, or whether they are ES. But certainly one sided tinnitus can be common with ES, digestive issues can be caused by vagus compression, although you say the anxiety has improved :thinking:


Yes anxiety improves and my AO says that’s expected since a misalignment spine generally affects the nervous system.

When i tilt my head to the left my overall symptoms get even better (i suppose this is because my elongated syloid is to the right?)


Yes, it makes sense that taking the pressure off the right styloid could reduce your symptoms. It’s really great that the C-1 adjustment was so helpful.

Gastroparesis can be the result of vagus nerve irritation & tinnitus can be from trigeminal nerve irritation OR IJV compression. There is a possibility both of those things will go away once your right styloid is removed.