COVID - Corona Virus - neurological symptoms

Hi All,
I will start out by saying that my heart goes out to all of those dealing with this horrible virus. I pray for love ones lost, those recovering and to the brave people on the front lines.

The testing in my doctor’s office are reserved for essential workers so I have not been tested but he believes that I have “caught the damn virus running through NYC like wildfire.” For me it started with a fever and exhaustion. I then felt better for 5 days or so then I had a relapse. I am now close to 30 days on/off with the last week feeling incredible muscle weakness. I feel very fortunate not to have respiratory issues but I am left with neurological issues that feel similar to ES symptoms: tightness in my neck, chest, arms, etc. The nerve pain and tingling at the incisions is back. My arms feel like I have done 20 reps with large weights and cant lift them. I have the pounding in my head when I stand up, dizziness and headaches - all of which I had before my surgeries that went away. Like my pre-surgery ES symptoms I am better in the morning but now the need to be horizontal in the afternoon is overwhelming. Sleeping is an issue too - confirmed by my doctor that all of this is neurologically related. I am the only ES patient he has but he sees similar issues related to the virus in many of his patients.

I am writing here not as a poor me but to tell all about the symptoms not discussed. He is certain that I will recover but it will take time. Having been through ES with successful surgeries I am hopeful and at the same time I am worried - we all know the anxiety that nerve issues can cause.

I pray you all stay safe.


Yes, the medical authorities are now talking more about neurological symptoms. My doctor was saying that the medical practice now has antibody testing available. I’m wondering if you would be able to have that done to know for certain.

I’m in NY too, but in the suburbs, in Westchester county.

Sharon from ModSupport

I heard that testing was being done but also heard that they may not be reliable. I hope to get one done when I feel well enough to get to the office.

Stay safe.

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Oh BG!

I am so sorry to read this. Just do what you need to in order to take care of yourself. The information you shared is very interesting. I hadn’t heard about the neurological component. I’ll share that w/ my family to see if they’ve heard about that aspect.

I’ll be praying for your complete healing. So sorry that you have to go through all these symptoms yet again. Experiencing ES is enough trouble for one lifetime!

Sending a gentle & safe cyber hug :hugs: :pray:t4:

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You may not be asking for sympathy, but you’ll get it- poor you, you’ve had such long recoveries from surgery already & this on top…sending you a hug :hugs:
I do believe this virus has some very nasty long term effects, & is hardly the ‘mild illness in most people’ that was being pushed in the early days by doctors…even people with mild symptoms seem to have lung damage, I’ve read of many patients with permanent kidney damage too. A worry now to read of neurological issues too.
You’ve been so strong with your recoveries & I hope that knowing you’ve been through these before will help you keep fighting. Will be praying for you (again!), & hope that you do soon improve- keep in touch, we’ll be thinking of you…

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@Isaiah_40_31 @Jules
I thank you both with all my heart. Its day by day but I am fortunate to be where I am at. My daughter continues to be a great help as well as the support from family, friends and of course, right here.

Peace, love and prayers to you and your families. I touch base soon. Stay safe!!


Thank you for sharing. Every bit of experience and information is so helpful. I truly hope you feel better soon.


Sending prayers for your full recovery very soon. :bouquet:

Thank you for sharing this information. We have one of our three sons living in Brooklyn with his wife. They have been fortunate enough to not have contracted the virus … or perhaps they did and we don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

Our oldest son lives outside the city but work(ed) in Manhattan. His commute was train to subway every day. He got very sick in early March. No fever but extreme body aches and heavy chest congestion. He is in excellent health in his mid 40’s but it knocked him out of commission for several weeks. We assume that their 2 year old and his wife (elementary school teacher) probably had it as well but with minimal symptoms?

A broader distribution and easier access to the antibody tests would go a long way towards getting everyone back to some sense of normalc, I think.

Try to keep smiling and looking forward.


WOW! It must be hard for you having family living in the coronavirus “hotbed”. I hope your “Brooklyn” family continues to dodge the CV bullet & am glad to read that your “Manhattan” son & family are recovered. Just as w/ ES, different people react differently to CV. Defining who has it/had it & who’s carrying it can be a challenge when judgment is made solely on the basis of symptoms. An antibody test would be so much help!

I hope you & your local family are well, suzb80.


@suzb80 @Isaiah_40_31 @Jules

NY State started random antibody testing to seemingly symptom free people out and about. They found that approximately 25% of NYC residence had antibodies with 15% for upstate residences. Its a good start but there’s so much more to learn.

I am getting better with fewer days immobile. Thanks to all for your continued support.


Hi BG!

Such GOOD NEWS!! Thank you for updating us. I’m so glad you’re feeling better even if it’s a gradual process.

Interesting info about the antibody testing. There is such a range of opinions, even among doctors, about this pandemic, it’s hard to know what to believe anymore. Erring on the side of caution without falling into complete panic is the best approach, I think.

I will keep praying for your full recovery.


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Glad that there are some improvements, thinking of you :bouquet: :hugs:

Yes I have been experiencing Everything you described expect I have had no fever just the other stuff like the eagles symptoms it been awful!!
I thought it was just me one day I choked on bread it was sooo bad my ribs killed for two weeks felt like someone used me as punching bag. Hope you get well soon and to all stay safe !!

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Have you been able to get tested to see if you have COVID-19? How is the rest of your family doing? I will pray for you to recover completely & hope so much you’re feeling better soon.


Hang in there Gods_blessing.

It’s crazy. One day I am good and the next day I have a hard time lifting my coffee cup.

I want to get the antibodies test but honestly I have mixed emotions. It would be good to have it behind me but if I didnt have the virus than fearful of what this neurological weakness is. My doctor is still convinced its the virus but its been almost a month now.

I guess that your body has been through so much in recent times, that it’s not surprising that it’s taking a while to recover from the virus. Saw a report online today about the wide ranging effects of this virus on many body systems, scary. Will keep praying for you, keep strong BG :hugs: :pray:


Hi BG,

Jules said it best. Know that you are cared for & prayed over.


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Hope you’re feeling better every day, BG! :heart:

Its been a rough 6 weeks but I am mostly better. Thanks for asking. xo

That’s good news, have been praying for you! :bouquet:

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