Ctv vs regular ct w contrast / repeating info?

is a cta/ctv one single procedure?
“an eagle” dr asked me to get a ctv but the order put by my primary (since different state i had to ask my primary to order states cta ) .would they perform both or is it just the general term ? i understand that cta shows arteries and ctv veins

also in that same line since im way more symptomatic would it be appropriate to get a simple ct w contrast of head and neck since the last ct i had done was a ct soft tissue w contrast but for a differnt reason on on April 2023 .thank you for ypur input i dont want to repeat prpcedure sif the ctv would show compression and also the styloids or calcifiedligaments or viceversa if the refular ct of head and neck would show compressions
it would be easier to ask these questions to the drs but not one of the two I saw get back to me and its been a while ,at least i want to have tests done
thank you very much

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It’s the same procedure for a CTA/ V , just the timing of when they take the images as to whether it shows the arteries or veins; ideally both should be able to be seen in the same procedure…this is the same as a CT with contrast. A regular CT would show the styloids but you wouldn’t be able to see any compression of blood vessels. It would be an idea to either confirm with the doctor who ordered it or the radiologist when you go, you don’t want to keep having procedures unnecessarily.

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thank you unfortunately the dr is unreachable
cta and ctv are two different orders then right?

A CTA & CTV can be done during the same CT session. It would just be a longer time in the CT machine. If you can get a dynamic CT w/ contrast that will most likely show if your IJVs &/or ICAs are being compressed.