Has anyone every tried Cymbalta for the neuralgia with ES? If so, how did it work for you? Also,

did anyone ever experience a swollen base of tongue on the same side of their ES? Is this common to see in ES?

I started using Cymbalta last month for nerve pain. I was trying to get off of Nortriptyline because it was making me gain weight. I think the Cymbalta is helping, but it seems like the Nortriptyline worked better. I think it's still too soon though to really tell about the Cymbalta, but it's certainly working better than not taking anything at all.

Cymbalta was on the list of meds that Dr. Steven Graf-Radford suggested I try when I asked him about getting off Nortriptyline. It wasn't his first choice of meds, but my doctors in Hawaii will only prescribe me medications that they're familiar with, so wouldn't prescribe the first one he suggested. (Dr. Graf-Radford is supposed to be one of the top doctors for facial pain and is located in Los Angeles.)

Hello Wellington90- I have been on Cymbalta 30mg daily for over a year but never had any relief for my ES symptoms. It did help with a lower back slipped disc pain problem. I never took more than 30mg because of stomach upset when I tried 60 mg for three days. I am not sure of your dosage, but if you can tolerate a higher dose, it may help with time. The only thing I experienced with my tongue on the same side of my ES was a burning pain and numbness of the lips on that side. Since my right styloid surgery, that pain has subsided. Each person with ES may have distinct pain sensations that don't follow in the normal pattern of typical ES symptoms. It depends on the length and direction growth of the styloid bone that may determine what we feel and what nerves/tissue parts it may affect. I hope that information helped you a little. Take care of yourself.