Day 2 post op

Left styloidectomy yesterday. External approach. Doing ok just very sore throat and side of face and ear. Have some temporary weakness left side of face, but only my mouth when smiling. Here is my whopping 5cm styloid that was occluding my jugular And causing intercranial hypertension and severe facial pain.

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Wow!! That is one huge styloid. You should be feeling relief from symptoms now that it is out.

I had temp paralysis on each side after surgery with a crooked smile - both healed at about 3-4 weeks.

Take the time needed to heal. I found ice packs to be the best for me for pain. Expect setbacks and don’t over do it. Take daily walks if you are up for it - fresh air and movement will help you heal.

All the best to you in your recovery.

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Here’s my incision I’m very swollen, but think it will heal well

Wow, definitely better out than in! Hope you soon feel the benefits- swelling might mean the vascular symptoms don’t go immediately, so don’t panic if there’s not an immediate improvement. Hopefully the facial weakness will improve soon.
As BG says, take care of yourself & don’t rush to do too much. Lots of hugs! :bouquet:

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WOW! What a dagger you had in there! Your incision looks GREAT! I had lots of swelling under my chin after my first surgery. It looked very odd. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery & that you found a surgeon you are happy with.

Please keep us posted as your recovery progresses, and of course, you know we’re here for you if you have questions, need encouragement or support during your healing time.


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No high pressure headaches so far, but also not exerting myself. I am hopeful!

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Thank you girls!

WHOA!!! Thanks for the pix…my surgery scheduled in 3 weeks…the pix are so helpful. You sound like you are doing great. After taking that honking thing out, I bet you feel better/ :star_struck:


Tough day today 3, some SOB from secretions from ET tube from intubation and a little headache and I is on pain trying to walk around, feel very fatigued and sore

Day 2 here. Feeling pretty good. No picture of mine, Doc said he removed in small pieces. Uncomfortable swallowing…loud ringing. Otherwise ok. Best of luck to you.

Thinking of you both…

Jules you said 3-5 were worst days?

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BG here. yes they are the worst days. The anesthesia has worn off completely and the swelling kicks in - double whammy. I found ice packs to be most helpful for swelling and pain.

Find a good show to binge watch to help you through this.

All the best.

It was a good day until about an hour ago. Bigtime ringing in my ear…more like screaming. I’m icing my neck due to swelling. Some ear pain.

Hang in there! Take your meds and ice! I’m
Still having some vascular symptoms If I lay too flat and my neck isn’t supported. But feel decent in some aspects. Lots of swelling. Hope the vascular stuff doesn’t mean it didn’t work. He said don’t try and gauge symptoms for 2-4 weeks. Jules, Wendy?

Thank you! I’m hanging in there.

The ringing in my ears ramp up now and then but its easing now 3 months post op. I bought a sound machine to help me sleep and it works!!

So sorry for the late response, Swoo. I was off galavanting but am back online now. One of the best things you can do for yourself for the first several weeks to a month post op is to keep your head elevated at all times. Sleeping at a 30º angle (feels almost like sitting up) will help soooo much. I ended up needing head elevation for about 6 weeks post op as it kept my throat from feeling like it was swelling closed. It’s really an awful sleep position, but it helped me so much. I had to learn to sleep that way & eventually was able to.

Please don’t pass any judgment on the efficacy of your surgery at this point. It will take 2-12 months for the full picture of recovery to develop. It’s an agonizingly slow process in some respects & there will be set backs along the way. If you have bilateral ES, sometimes the first surgery can feel like it didn’t really help at all. The second surgery will be the one that makes the BIG difference. Just keep in mind that your body was made to thrive & survive. Its goal is to heal & grow strong again. You can assist that by listening to what it tells you - rest when tired or in pain even if it’s not convenient. It’s way too easy to start pushing as soon as you begin feeling a little better but that often causes symptoms to flare.

Keep the ice coming & the pain meds as needed. BG’s advice to find something to binge watch on Netflix or a great book to read will also help. Getting up several times a day & taking a short walk, even around the house, will help, too.

Sending you a gentle & safe cyber hug. :hugs:

I know first bite can be permanent but how long is it for most?

Hi Swoo!

For most people it’s gone 3-4 mos. after surgery. For some it’s even sooner & for a few, as you noted, it is permanent. That said, in slower to heal or permanent cases, it tends to reduce in intensity & frequency as time passes. Mine is still improving (i.e. getting less painful & less frequent) even 5.5 years after surgery. Keeping yourself very hydrated will also help reduce intensity at least that works for me.