Day 3 bilateral

Woke up in the night with severe cotton mouth and horrible headache behind right eye. Headache lingering so I’m trying a little caffeine and soup broth. Hopefully one of these will work! Strange too I have a few points on my body that feel like I bruised a vein or something. No black and blue, just hurts. My sister told me that until all the swelling goes away and things settle down…I may have some bizarre symptoms from the nerves. ( she is an RN who has had neck surgery). Lol
My throat feels better as far as swallowing but I can’t open my mouth very much. My ears hurt off and on, but I think that might be expected with the soreness and the fact the styloid is in close proximity. My doc asked me if I felt any symptom relief when I woke up…are you freaking kidding me??? I have 2 cuts in my throat!! It hurts all over lol!
My ES was pretty simple as I was diagnosed just 2 months after symptoms started. I didn’t have log ligaments all calcified and running into everything. A little was “snapped off” each side and now my styloid is of normal length. The intern I talked to rattled on about how the surgery may not resolve the issues as only 50% of cases are resolved. Those words stick in my head, but I will remain hopeful

I'm glad you're being positive and hopeful Ivy! Having your sister to talk to must be really helpful. I had lots of bruises come out on my face- someone suggested it was probably a clamp to keep me still. It does make you feel a bit battered! And it's normal to feel a bit up and down from any operation I think!

Take care!