Details about my ES

I wanted to pass along the comments from my CT and my doctors recommemdations for surgery.
I am looking at the experts on the list. Dr. Suen in Little Rock has recommended i have surgery, he has done over a hundred, but he goes through the throat, and I am comcerned about that method.

I am also very concermed that ES isnt causing my main symptom, severe 24/7 headaches. I have migraines but alao sevre facial pain headaches.

I just cant afford to make a mistake with surgery if it can make me worse. I really need to be sure it will help the headaches.

Elongation of both styloid processes measuring 5 cm on the right and
5.7 cm in the left with ossification of the stylohyoid ligaments.

Suspicion for 6 mm soft tissue density nodule in the right upper lobe of my lung,
new compared to prior CT dated 08/24/2023. This is on the last axial

Do you have any images besides screen shots, @harrisonboy? If you have a copy of your CT images on CD, you can convert them to 3D using RadiAnt - for PC or Bee Dicom Viewer app for Mac: Bee dicom - Google Search. Having more images to view would be helpful. The area from your skull base to hyoid bone is what we’d like to see.


They are mighty long styloids! I totally understand that you’re wary of getting surgery and you’re right that there are risks; unfortunately there’s no telling which symptoms would be helped with surgery, until you actually have the surgery :anguished: Sometimes members have tried steroid injections into the area to see if that helps while they wait for surgery; it is occasionally used as a diagnostic tool, but not a very reliable one…
I do agree that intra-oral is not the best method for surgery; if you were to go ahead then I would make sure that the styloids are shortened as far back to the skull base as safe to do so, and also if the ligaments are calcified then check that they are to be removed too.

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Thanks so much. I am forwarding my scans and records to Dr. Fargen and Dr. Congetti for their opinions.

Unfortunately, I also have nutcracker syndrome and they are wanting to remove my kidney and it is the same issue, they have no idea if it will help.

I just cant do anything that makes me worse, or I won’t survive.

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I have requested them and will do that for sure. Thanks so much

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