Doctors in nyc metro area

I know its been difficult for us to continue to look for help during these times. I will see if i give a call to nyu for a consultation. Im in the NYC area and have been looking for the best ent head and neck i could find.

Ive had so many tests but all has come back normal. I spoke to dr cognetti last week and he said i fall in like the moderate eagle case patient. He said it sure does sound like eagles but wont tell me 100% without looking at me in the office.

just last week i passed out, started to get real hot, nauseous and dizzy. cracked my teeth! I hope you get well.

So sorry to hear that Anthony. Dr. Delacure isn’t warm and fuzzy but he’s a good surgeon. Dr. Sacks my usual ent is lovely but I don’t think he would do this type of surgery. Regardless I hope you speak to someone really soon, your symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. They are doing telemedicine at the hospitals and in private offices. Take really good care and let us know what happens.


It sounds like you have vascular symptoms i.e. compression of your internal carotid artery. It is important for you to get this looked into ASAP if you’re having fainting (syncope) spells. Do you notice your symptoms more when your head is in certain positions?

Keep pursuing an appt w/ Dr. De Lacure until you get something on the calendar with him.

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I had my second surgery with Dr. Delacure back in December. I found the staff, his assistant and the doctor himself to be very personable and professional. This was all pre-lock down so I would imagine that its very different now. I had my first surgery in Philly. I would be happy to expand on the two surgeries, the doctors and their approaches - private message me to discuss.

Stay safe.

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I went to the cardiologist and he said that i get episodes of syncope and he said its common, I mentioned eagles syndrome and he dismissed it.

I have noticed that if im laying down and i rotate my head and look up feels like im having a seizure where i feel frozen but once i put my head back into position it goes away.

Im a very athletic person that runs miles and does outdoor cycling till exhaustion and never had a problem, but randomly been at home ive passed out twice (first time broke my nose and few weeks back cracked my teeth). I started feeling dizzy and nauseous and out of energy and BOOM… Not sure if anyone here has had similar situations like mine but i dont get it.

Physically im a very healthy person and thats why the 20+ specialists that ive been too dont get it… :\

Time will tell if ES is the cause of the fainting spells, Anthony. I feel very strongly it is especially since some of the symptoms come on w/ your head in a specific position (vascular symptoms). Other symptoms sound nerve related, probably vagus nerve. I’ve mentioned that when I would work out hard while I had ES, my blood pressure would drop instead of rising as it should. My heart would race like crazy to try to get my blood pressure up, & I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath & like I was going to pass out. These symptoms can be caused by vagus nerve dysfunction.

Do you have contact info for Dr delacure

This is the info we have for him:
Dr Mark DeLacure, Otolaryngologist, 24 Hospital Ave Danbury, CT, Dr. Mark D Delacure - Otolaryngology, Danbury CT He has done many surgeries from NYU; recently moved to Danbury.

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Yes but I’ve called the hospital and they he’s not on staff. There is no phone number attached. I’ve called at least 10 numbers for him. But I did get his personal cell and did leave a message. He did say it may take a long time to get back. I’ll be patient and see if he calls back


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It’s strange, when I googled his name it either mentioned the previous hospital he’d seen ES patients at or said he wasn’t affiliated to any hospital? He was happy to be listed on our forum, so hope that he gets back to you…

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Still no word from him.

At this point, it might be best to look for another doctor, @lilwider. There are several listed for your state, & we have a new potential name for NJ pending further information about him.

@Tlenahan just posted this: I was lucky to find a great DMD Oral Facial expert at Rutgers Health. Dr. Gary Heir. He definitively diagnosed me with Significantly elongated right Styloid - causing Glossophyrengeal Neuralgia. He now has referred me to head and Neck surgeon, Dr Boris Paskover at Rutgers Health and RWJBH. My 1st appointment went well and see him again for surgery consult Monday.

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Yes I saw this post and I wrote down all his info and will be getting in touch. So weird about Dr delacure


Agreed abt Dr. Delacure!