NYC surgeons?

Hi everyone! First time posting … after years (decades) of pain I finally have a diagnosis of ES which is an incredible relief. Now I face what feels like a huge decision: choosing the right surgeon. I have bilateral elongated styloids (left styloid extends into the parapharyngeal space), calcified stylohyoid ligaments and bilateral IJV compression.

Does anyone have recommendations for surgeons in New York? I’d love to stay local if I can, but my priority is excellent, experienced surgical care so I’ll travel if I have to but traveling for surgery feels quite overwhelming right now.

I have a short list of names, including Dr. Peter Costantino, Dr. Andrew Tassler and several surgeons who do the surgery but haven’t done many. I had a positive first consult with Dr. Costantino, though he is not in network with my insurance which I suspect is true for most ES surgeons.

Has anyone had surgery with a NYC based surgeon?

I’m also looking for local physical therapists/NUCCA chiropractors and practitioners of other possibly supportive manual treatment modalities for before and after surgery.

Thank you - I appreciate this forum, its resources and all of you so much!

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i live in NYC and have seen a doc covered by many insurance plans: Dr. Kutler at Weill Cornell Medicine. He’s very reputable in head and neck surgery and has done SOME (not sure how many) ES surgeries. I also highly recommend a certain PT, but he is cash only. Happy to chat more with you!

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Dr. Tassler recommended Dr Kutler to me for ES surgery!

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You’ve made my day (up early with a headache), thank you. Would love to chat more and hear about the PT/surgery experience. And you’ve saved me an email to Dr.Tassler’s surgery coordinator: if he referred you out I can skip the step of seeing him. I’m at the “choose a surgeon” point and I’m so grateful you saw my post and took the time to reply!

@PamelaInNYC & @KimberlyNYC - You two can start a private conversation by one of you clicking on the other’s screen name or avatar as it appears above a post. That will take you to a page where you can start that conversation. I’m so glad you’re near each other & that’s been helpful! This is the express purpose of this forum - being able to support each other in significant ways. Glad you both found your way here. :blush: :hugs:

Thank you for that tip!

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