Does styloid surgery take care of stylohyoid ligament issues?

I’m really confused. I have clocking/popping/catching sensation when I turn my head. I’m guessing because of the calcified stylohyoid ligament? If I get a styloid surgery will this take care of that sensation or do you actually need the ligament removed too? My surgeon didn’t say anything about that.


It seems to be a fairly common symptom, but as I haven’t had that, I don’t know whether it’s caused by en elongated styloid or calcified ligament.
If the stylo-hyoid ligament is calcified then it should be removed too, but it’s a good idea to ask firstly if yours is calcified (although it can get confusing, as some doctors count it as all styloid if it’s calcified when they measure the styloid length!), and secondly if it’ll get removed. Occasionally a surgeon will have funny ideas about leaving it in, or dividing it…
Hopefully some members who’ve had this sensation and had surgery will be able to help you as to whether it will go or not.

My doctor said both of mine are calcified but he didn’t mention removing it. I just keep feeling popping when I turn my head like something is catching. I just want to make sure I know which surgery/s to have before I make a decision.

I would definitely try to get clarity on his plans/ reasons- there’s not much point going through the surgery and leaving calcified ligaments in- they can still cause irritation and compression… some members have had ES with only calcified ligaments.

My doctor removed my ligament during both of my external surgeries. Sorry I can’t speak to the “locking up”…that is one symptom that I didn’t have.

Jules gave good advice about asking your doctor about those questions.