Dr. Hackman charge estimated cost up front

Hello, i’ve recently contacted Dr. Hackman’s clinic via +1 984 974 6484 and Nakia (+1 984 974 2822), and mailed my CT scans to the clinic which have been uploaded to myuncchart site then reviewed by radiologist on the site.

Nakia contacted the financial deparment of unc, and said financial department will give me estimated of the surgery cost, then Nichols, Lia, Marin, Sabrina, Troy, Tia from the finanical department gave me an estimated cost of $45,868 for the total cost which is already after 40% discount because i’m paying cash, the estimated is also in myuncchart site. Also want me wire the estimated account in advance, so they can start scheduel the surgery. The finanical department told me this is just an estimate.

Because I live outside of the US, my insurance card can’t used in the US directly, i’ll need pay cash for the surgery, just want to ask if charge up front estimated cost is a standard thing for cash paying patient and you have similar experience in the US for Dr. Hackman and other doctors ? I’ve not had surgery in the US before, so don’t know about the general process.

Also wiring a big account money in advance makes me a little bit uncomfortable, because i don’t even meet Dr Hackman yet, so i want discuss with the financial department people of unc to wire about 25% of estimated cost in advance as deposit, then bring the rest of estimated cost as cash so they can verify it before the surgery. Do you think it is worth to discuss that with them? I’ve got a proof of fund in my bank account for the estimated amount from my bank, will also attach that in the email to them.

Thank you very much for your kind information and suggestion!

Following is the estimated cost i received:

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That sounds pretty high, and I can understand your concerns about paying so much up front; we’ve had a few Canadian members who’ve seen Dr Hackman for surgery, hopefully they might be able to give you advice…


From what I’ve heard, hospital & doctors fees can be negotiated to some degree by cash paying patients. I would think because you’re traveling so far, that could be taken into consideration so mention it when you talk to the billing office. At the very least, I hope the billing office would be willing to compromise & accept your offer of a 25% downpayment with the balance to be paid when you arrive.

One of our non-US members had surgery w/ Dr. Hackman a couple of years ago & had to pay cash. His cost was around $35K. I’m surprised the price has gone up $10k in that short time, but the cost of everything has gone crazy over the last year or two so it is possible. You could mention to the billing office that you’re aware of another person who saw Dr. Hackman for bilateral ES surgery & only paid $35K & ask why you’re paying so much more.

You’re wise not to send the whole amount before they’ve even scheduled your surgery. That’s a ridiculous request on their part.