Dr Pramrod Sharma

Anyone have experience w him?

I’ve had a quick search in the discussions to see if anyone’s talked about surgery with him, but can’t find any…one member was seeing him, you could try sending a pm to see how they got on, here’s a link to the discussion:
Questions to ask your Dr - General - Living with Eagle
The doctors list was compiled originally 5+ years ago, some of the original discussions couldn’t be transferred over when the format changed, so it could be whoever had surgery with him was a little while ago.
The important thing is that they know to remove as much of the styloid as possible, smooth off any tip left, and remove any calcified parts of the stylo-hyoid ligament if you have any calcification.
And that you feel confident with them!

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Sharma did my surgery and went to the base of the skull extra orally. He is a neck cancer specialist so he knows his way around the nerves and vessels like
The back of his hand. My incision was a work of art. 2 years later and there is no visual detection of it. I would give him 6 stars out of 5. Seriously. You may have to wait to see him and be irritable with office visit wait but my heavens…if you want the best you deserve the best!

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Thanks for the info, glad that you feel your surgery went so well!

That is great news, eaglet86! Thank you for giving us good follow-up info!