Eagle Syndrome Specialist Required in South Africa

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I am hoping that someone can help.

I am sending this mail on behalf of my mom, we reside in Durban.

Recently she has been diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome, well certain doctors say that its Eagle Syndrome and certain docs say that they are unsure.
She has been for a lot of scans, xrays and test.

They have picked up that she has a bone growing towards her throat, the doctors here are scared to operate because they have not done this type of procedure, and they have advised that it is risky to operate & they have not come across something like this.

It all started about a year ago with a bit of sore throat and the pain just got worst, her symptoms included the following:

Pain in the throat and back of her head going down to her neck and shoulders her mouth is very salty with a metal taste and her tongue feels painful at times and when swallowing
Food, it gets stuck at times and pain in her eyes, burns at times, she feels very drained, at times when she cough she brings up blood. She gets a fever and feels really hot at times.

Do you know of a specialist in South Africa Durban who deals with this sickness.

There are lots of doctors who have dealt with this in overseas. I am just trying to find someone good who can help my mom.

She just seems to be going around in circles with no help….from March this year she has been in and out of hospital but no progress.

Hi anushka, check out this discussion post:

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Meli from Mod Support

Yes, that’s the doctor mentioned in the doctors list (In the Doctors Info section)- unfortunately the only one in South Africa. Other than that we can only suggest that if you haven’t already done so, you could try Skull base/ otolaryngologist surgeons, Neuro or Vascular surgeons; most people seem to have surgery with an ENT, but these surgeons can sometimes do the surgery too. Otherwise maybe your Mum’s doctor could get in touch with one of the more experienced doctors mentioned a lot on the site to ask about their technique?
I know that a lot of people end up having to travel a way, unfortunately.

Thank You so much will definitely contact him. … my mom is in so much pain…and these doctors in St Augustines are saying that its a 50/50 chance…plus they have not done this type of opp before. so thank you so much for you reply this gives us so much hope.

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Thank you so much Jules for your feedback…will def contact these doctors.