Eagle's and Numb arms and legs

Does anyone get numbness in the arms and legs when they sleep.? Only when you sleep. Is it dangerous?

I have had numb hands and arms, but not sure if it's related. I have not had this problem in the last couple months. But looking back, I realize I have had a lot of these symptoms for a couple years. I just didn't connect the dots. Currently I have numbness on my outter thigh, but I think it's unrelated. Will keep you postef though. Hope you're better soon. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis, maybe you should consider or ask him. My chiropractor was familar with eagles and is very familar with nerve/bone issues.

I do but as LIZAJANE said it may not be related, anyway I get that all the time but for me it feels more like pins and needles.

I don’t get numbness but I used to get tingling in my arms and legs. Got blood drawn and had a severe lack of vitamine B12, vitamin D and magnesium. I’ve been taking supplements and am fine now. Not sure if numbness could be a defficiency?

I had weird numbness feeling of my left toe and both hands. Also strong numbness on my left ear, chin and sometimes lips. No deficiencies found in countless blood samples made before ES diagnosis. All dissapeared after surgery.

How long did you guys have the numbness for? Did it progressively get worst?

In my case it got progressivly worse. I were hospitalized many times because doctors suspected TIAs but they never found anything. It started in my hands, fingers and toe, that came and went daily or weeks apart. After about 6-12 months it began in my facial region. I would get completely numb on my left ear when touching or rubbing it softly. And it came and went spontaneously on upper and lower lip or around my mouth area. It scared me every time.

Yes, I have the arm numbness and arms falling asleep during the night while sleeping. I also have decreased circulation in my left arm as seen with the coloring and had swelling in the middle finger distal portion only fro a few days, which is innervated by the median nerve. The brachial plexus supply orginates in the cervical spine and my guess is the styloid bone is compressing on some nerve branches. It is very scary. I am going to 2 surgeons this week to consult for surgery. I feel grateful that the radiologist mentioned eagles syndrome on my CSCAN results else along with all the other symptoms it would still be a mystery.

Hi Katie, did you ever get an MRI of your cervical neck. My neck also clicks and crackle and grind in the morning when I turn it left and right.

I get numb pinky finger numb pinky toe and patchy numbness of left face all on the elongated styloid side of my body. I hope this does not mean that this is the vascular version of Eagles? Good news is ENT that I was so frustrated with last week personally called me this morning and wants to rule out GPN before scheduling surgery for styloidectomy…luckily I had MRI/MRA from 3 months ago when I had went to a local ER with these horribly painful symptoms from at the time my undiagnosed elongated styloid. Overnighted him copy of the disc today to satisfy his mind that this is not GPN. hopefully he will be scheduling styloidectomy soon. Sometimes I do not understand how they think…symptoms are on my left ct showed 54mm styloid on left and 23mm styloid on the right a symptomatic side…isn’t this a simple deduction? PRAYER HELPS EVERYTHING!

Can anyone tell me the difference between vascular eagles syndrome and classic eagles syndrome. I was just diagnosed last week at CCF and the doctor who is still “contemplating” my surgery said nothing about vascular eagles. I have never passed out but I do get dizzy spells and the ear on my elongated side rings constantly…any comments would be greatly appreciated…scared to death I am going to have a stroke after reading on the internet.

Yes the patchy numbness and pins and needles are definately from eagles. My ENT at Cleveland clinic said it is from styloid compressing neural structures. I get it a lot.