Eagles are inspiring

A convocation of eagles happens when an eagle sets off for days in flight and bunch of other eagles gather and join in the flight. This week I joined your convocation :slight_smile:
As an eaglet, I am just learning about ES. After reading many of your experiences and insights, there is much more to ES than googling medical information and reading articles.
Those articles do not demonstrate the long road just getting ourselves to even knowing ES exists, to understanding, and to thinking maybe ES is the key to explain our symptoms. No one can just read about ES and understand the struggles chasing down a confirmed diagnosis or the impact on lives (and family’s lives) when ES strikes! That is what this group does. It is very apparent ALL of you go out of your way to share your own experiences and show care and concern for each other’s experiences. Upon joining, I was warmly welcomed by Isaiah 40:31, she asked me my symptoms. This meant a lot to me!
Eagles are inspiring! Being here and learning about ES and your experiences, I feel like I have hope! If it turns out I do have ES, it seems entirely possible I could get some of my life back. Thank you.


@deagle - That is one beautifully written post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so articulately. We’re very happy you’ve found our forum & have been encouraged by what you’ve seen/learned in the posts you’ve read. We are here for you in whatever capacity you need us. :hugs: :blush:


Hi & welcome to the site! Glad you have found us & that reading others’ experiences has been helpful, I hope that you get some treatment & can get on with your life!

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Hello and welcome to the site
I to was greeted by such warmth and compassion from the members here
I also have hope of getting my life back and fulfilling my duties as a father though learning from others here.
These struggles are real and I have shed many tears reading, learning that I am not alone and that there are so many other people going through many hardships.
I also have been inspired by the others here and wish you find the answers to what ails you. These are such wonderful eagles, my heart goes out to all those dealing with this syndrome
Wishing you all the best


Welcome, isn’t this group just great?!I am so thankful for the support, guidance and knowledge everyone is happy help. Good luck on your journey, hoping you get answers