Eagles in North Carolina

Hello, I was curious, has any seen Dr. Ellison at Duke? I just moved to North Carolina. I am having so much discomfort on my left side and they said maybe it’s TMJ. I know thats not my issue… I am on an antidepressant, has steroid shots and now am dealing with more and more pain. I’m just needing to vent because with how I feel… after 3 operations already for Eagles… I am just feeling insane internally…

Hi ang,

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with ES symptoms again. Have your styloids ever been cut back to the skull base or have they only been shortened? Were your stylohyoid ligaments removed? I’m sorry I don’t remember your story.

Who did your original surgeries?

Here is a post made by AlyceP in Nov. 2018. I think you will like what she says about Dr. Ellison:


I believe we spoke before but it has been a while since I posted. My surgeon in AZ removed the calcification on both sides of my neck and after my accident he had to cut down my hyoid bone in 2009. Then in 2016 it showed the left lesser horn was enlongated again… then in 2018 I got another CT and they stated it was the greater horn on the right side… but as of right now I am having such bad uncomfortble feeling pain deep on the left side… I have an appointment with Dr. Ellison but his staff keeps asking why I am going… I called today to beg for help and they said it sounds like I have TMJ… I know I possibly have that… but its nerve facial pain, sharp stabbing in my ear… I can eat but behind my jaw feels like its going to rip or blow up… its just the worst… and yes my muscles are really tight which worries me he’ll say the same… but I unfortunately know about ES as I saw 8 ENTs before finding one that actually helped… it’s so upsetting and uncomfortable dealing with this

So sorry that you’re still having pain, after having 3 operations already. I hope that you get somewhere with Dr Ellison. Thinking of you, & sending you hugs…

I appreciate that. I wish I knew what was wrong…