ES and having unrelated surgeries?

Hi, I was wondering whether there was any inherent risk in undergoing a general anaesthetic and unrelated surgeries whilst having ES?

I haven’t even got to the stage of getting diagnosed with ES yet and suspect that as well as having the classic symptoms, I also might have some very mild vascular symptoms too.

I haven’t decided whether I’m going to pursue the lengthy journey of getting diagnosed yet, but I am due to have an unrelated cosmetic procedure around my eyes that requires a general anaesthetic.

I’ve heard there’s somewhat of a risk of blood clots with general anaesthesia, so I’m wondering whether there’s any risk of going under if I have mild vascular compression?

Obviously anyone having ES surgery has to go under, so I would’ve thought the answer was no, but it’s not even something I can really ask my surgeon about. I haven’t even had a diagnosis and it opens up a whole can of worms, and you can bet there’s no way they’ll have heard of eagles. On the flip side, I do feel I should disclose those sort of concerns.

Any advice? Thanks.

Definitely share your concerns w/ your doctor whether or not you think (s)he may know about ES.

Though my ES symptoms weren’t predominantly vascular, I like you, may have had some vascular compression when my head was in certain positions. I had an upper GI w/ anesthesia prior to being diagnosed w/ ES & had no problems. I think you will be fine especially since you’re on the fence about vascular symptoms (meaning they aren’t derailing your life), but talking to the surgeon first is the most important thing to do.

Intubation can aggravate ES pain as the head is tilted back & jaw & tongue lifted up, so some members have experienced a flare up after that. I had a gynae procedure done with ES & had no issues. A difficult one when you’ve not been diagnosed though, I guess you could mention that you’re looking into getting a diagnosis when you have a pre-op, at the very least it raises awareness of ES with doctors!