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Hi everyone. I have questions about ES and infections. Including specifics. I have had bizarre infections often, for most of my life. The past 4 years- It seems every time I start to feel ok and restart life, I get sick again. It is to the point where my mom said it must be psychological (It is not, I asked)

(I will say that now - because of the pain, I am extremely sedentary and terrible fluid diet.)

I know stress lowers the immune system. I was thinking of the vagus nerve?

I also have wondered if I am catching illnesses because I have so many doctor appointments- Where people are sick, etc.

Backstory: (Ok to skip)

I have been ill since the beginning of December. My left ear has been hurting way above and beyond the normal pain. Like can’t move or do anything pain, crying, etc. My ENT surgeon finally discovered my eardrum is ruptured.

I saw 4 doctors, 2x in the ER. None of them took me seriously or ran blood tests. leads to another issue- stigma when doctors look at my chart. How many times do I have to see doctors before they really do a thorough job?

My ear was clogged so the first ER doctor gave me a Benadryl. :roll_eyes:I knew it was ruptured because noises HURT. My ENT missed it. I was at the ER where the doctor said my ear was “shiny and clear”. The next day my surgeon found the perforation. :confounded:

I just got my second set of blood results back, they have improved a bit, but they are still off the charts. High enough to be afraid.

Bad test results:

  • white blood count high (additionally the ratio of all the different types of white blood cells are very disproportionate.)

  • platelet count is twice the highest normal amount

  • Slightly elevated liver count - might be attributable to Tylenol even though I am careful with amounts

**So, calling all current ES members **

I was wondering if infections or lowered immune system might be associated with Eagle Syndrome. Has anyone had similar problems?

I wanted to start this thread for everyone to comment on their own journeys



I think having the styloid or calcified ligament keep irritating nerves & or blood vessels in the neck could potentially cause chronic inflammation, & the pain could cause stress & inflammation too. If you google chronic inflammation, you can see the effects on the body. As you mention it could be the vagus nerve, but equally could be the pain, lack of sleep, & as you say, being at doctors so often around ill people! I think the increased white blood cell count could be explained by this.
Quite a few members have autoimmune illnesses, I think it could be linked to the inflammation, but that’s just my opinion. I had symptoms of an AI condition which started about the same time as the ES worsened.
I do feel for you with doctors not taking you seriously- it’s something many members have to battle with.

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So sorry you’re still doing battle w/ your ear & the unnamed infection that is raging around in your body, Gwen. This is a long haul for you. Jules made some great observations. I hope, and will continue to pray, that your body will respond well to the antibiotics & will turn the corner to better health soon so you can have your ES surgery. :heart:

Thank you, great information.

I think Jules is right about autoimmune diseases and a strong relationship with chronic inflammation - keeping a few under control requires an anti inflammatory diet.

For example: my mom has celiac disease. It is genetic. I have tested negative for it. However, my nutritionist believes that acting now is a more practical approach. She compared it with Diabetes type 2 -change diet now to prevent celiac down the line.

She also feels “cow’s milk” contributes to inflammation? I am the type of person who wants to look at the research.

I would still like to hear from people who may be prone to illness, no matter how likely or unlikely it could be related.

I have mild hypothyroidism that has been control for years. In the past month my TSH levels went from around a 1.3 to 6.3 (higher means you are more hypo).

My new results were not good. My platelet count is now triple

I have been referred to an “infectious disease” specialist. That type of specialist is just a physician who specializes in finding answers, it doesn’t mean that I have a communicable disease.

I really hope it is sorted out soon! I want to be recovered as much as possible from ES surgery before Spring :slight_smile:

Hi Gwendolyn,

It sounds like you’re “barking up the right trees” :yum: I hope your nutritionist is able to make some good & not too wacky recommendations regarding diet. I hope the infectious disease doc is able to draw some helpful conclusions that will reduce the TSH. I have cysts in my thyroid but my TSH is normal so far, thank goodness. I do have them monitored annually though.

I just learned from a stool sample that my body is not handling oxalate well. A build of that can cause kidney stones…just what I need…more calcium where it doesn’t belong! :joy: That’s in most of the foods I eat…time for a change, at least for awhile, I guess. :upside_down_face: