ES and voice problems

Norway, a doctor who has done the surgery 4 or 5 times isn’t bad. That’s more experience than a lot of doctors who have treated forum members. But I understand traveling to get to a doctor with more experience. One of the doctors in London has a lot of experience. I don’t remember which one it is, but I’m sure Jules can let you know.

I can put the doctors name on the doctors list. What is his name and location?

I had surgery with Mr Patrick Axon, at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge- he’s (as far as I know!) the most experienced surgeon in the UK. It was through our free NHS system, but he also sees patients privately through Spire Health care, here’s the link:

I don’t have a clue how much it would cost though, I’m afraid. I don’t know of any doctors in London who’ve done the surgery- one member was going to check with his surgeon and then leave us their name but never came back!

Thank you so much for the information, Jules! I will contact this surgeon and find out if he can take me as a patient even though I am not a British citizen.

And I will PM you regarding the Doctors List.

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Hi there. I have been suffering from ES voice issues for yrs.
Here hoping the up coming two surgeries help

Hi, Emery. I also have voice issues. My surgery helped quite a bit. I was amazed to discover this. I went 20 years before I discovered that my voice issues were caused by a structural problem in my neck. How could it take that long to diagnose? Sigh…

Spilloz have you had surgery? I have the same voice issues.

Hi! What kind of voice issues did you have?

I have speech problems. What are your speech issues?? I’m hoarse and throat is tight. Voice gets stuck. I don’t have much pain.

May I ask what your voice symptoms were?

What were your voice symptoms??

My symptoms were stuttoring, aphonia and non-epileptic seizures. Triggered by pressing on or turning my neck. The surgeon who removed the errant piece of cartilage said I was a one in a million case. He kept asking me if I could recall a traumatic injury to my neck. I could not.


A hoarse voice is absolutely an ES symptom. Many people on this forum have had voice issues as part of their ES symptoms. A year or more ago, Musicgeek posted a link to an article written about a college professor who completely lost her voice & was later diagnosed w/ ES. After surgery her voice returned.

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Hi @eagleheart! I have the same syntomps, Who did your ES surgery? Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: